How to set up the Sakari integration with Intercom chat.  Using this integration, any time a new Intercom chat is started, you'll receive a text message to a phone number(s) of your choice.

Setup Steps

1. ) Log in to your Sakari account at https://hub.sakari.io

2.) In the left navigation go to Integrations > Intercom

3.)  Click the red "Connect" button.

4.) Confirm the integration between Intercom and Sakari SMS. Click the green "Authorize Access" button.

5.) Now we're ready to configure the integration.  There are three configuration setup options: 

  • Mobile Phone Numbers of Users to send notifications to - The numbers that should receive the text message.  These should be in the E.164 format and multiple numbers should be comma delimited.  For example: +14151234567,+441708869933
  • Send SMS when user replies - This will toggle on if you want to receive a text message when a reply chat is received (a chat message beyond the initial chat)
  • Minimum delay before sending next SMS notification - this will define how frequently you'll receive a text message.  Selecting "Send after 10 minutes" will trigger a new text message if a reply is received after a 10 minute period of no chat activity.

6.) Click the blue "Save" button.

7.) You're done!  Your Intercom and Sakari integration is complete.

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