Email integration reports will automatically trigger an email when events happen in your account.  The most common use-case is when a response is received to a text message.  When turned on, an email with the message response will instantly be sent to an email address of your choice. 

To get started:

1.) Go to Integrations > Email in the left navigation.

2.) Select your notification trigger and email address. Click SAVE.  Each email address can have up to four available triggers turned on.  

The available email triggers are: 

  • Message Received - an email is sent when a new text message response is received 
  • Contact Created - an email is sent when a new contact is created manually (not during a bulk upload) 
  • Contact Updated - an email is sent when any field is updated for a contact manually
  • Contact Removed - an email is sent when any contact is deleted

PRO TIP: Only one email address can be added for each row.  If multiple recipients need the report, add additional rows by clicking the "+" button and repeating step #2.  

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