Email Notification Reports

Automatically receive an email when a text message is sent or received from your Sakari account.

Email integration reports will automatically trigger an email when events happen in your account.

The most common use-case is when a response is received to a text message.  When turned on, an email with the message response will instantly be sent to an email address of your choice. 


To get started:

Step 1

Go to Integrations > Email in the left navigation.



Step 2

Select your notification trigger and email address. Click SAVE.  Each email address can have up to four available triggers turned on.  

The available email triggers are: 

  • Message Received - an email is sent when a new text message response is received 
  • Contact Created - an email is sent when a new contact is created manually (not during a bulk upload) 
  • Contact Updated - an email is sent when any field is updated for a contact manually
  • Contact Removed - an email is sent when any contact is deleted


PRO TIP: Only one email address can be added for each row.  If multiple recipients need the report, add additional rows by clicking the "+" button and repeating step #2.