Creating a Manual Messaging Campaign

How to create a manual messaging campaign in Sakari.

Step 1

Select Create Campaign from the left navigation. 

Step 2

Select the Manual campaign type.  



Step 2

The campaign interface is broken out to three sections:

  • Select Contacts - select which contacts will receive your message
  • Design Template - configure the message that will be sent to your contacts
  • Reporting - select to receive a message summary report by email after a delay. 

Step 4

Select your contacts.  Determine which contacts will receive your message by creating attribute filters and/or tag filters.  Your contacts must meet all filtering criteria. 

Note: The results of your filtering parameters will grow and shrink over time as your contacts list changes.  For example, if you create filters to send a message to all contacts with tags of "Driver", as new contacts are added with this tag, they will be included in future messages.



Step 5

Generate your messaging template.  You can use an existing template, edit an existing template, or create a new template.


Step 6

Select your message reporting.  You can have a campaign message report automatically sent by email after a minute/hour/day delay of your choice. 


Step 7

You're done! Click Save