Creating a manual messaging campaign

  1. ) Select Create Campaign from the left navigation. 

2.) Select the "Manual" campaign type.  

Note: Learn more about the different message campaign types here: Message Campaign Types

3.) The campaign interface is broken out to three sections:

  • Select Contacts - select which contacts will receive your message
  • Design Template - configure the message that will be sent to your contacts
  • Reporting - select to receive a message summary report by email after a delay. 

4.) Select your contacts.  Determine which contacts will receive your message by creating attribute filters and/or tag filters.  Your contacts must meet all filtering criteria. 

Note: The results of your filtering parameters will grow and shrink over time as your contacts list changes.  For example, if you create filters to send a message to all contacts with tags of "Driver", as new contacts are added with this tag, they will be included in future messages. 

5.) Generate your messaging template.  You can use an existing template, edit an existing template, or create a new template.

6.) Select your message reporting.  You can have a campaign message report automatically sent by email after a minute/hour/day delay of your choice. 

7.) You're done! Click "Save".