When sending your text messages, they will process through a number of status states until the messages are sent. 

Prior to being sent to the carrier (e.g. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc.), each message will process through several states of validation in the Sakari system. 

Once validated, each message will be sent to the carrier to be sent to their customer.  Any responses Sakari receives will be displayed.

Messages Status States

New - the message is being processed by Sakari
Validated - the message has been validated by Sakari
Queued - the message is queued for delivery to the carrier by Sakari
- the message has been sent to the contact
Delivered - the message has been delivered to the contact
Error - there was an error received from the carrier for the message (see error messages on campaign error report)
Undelivered - the message was not delivered to the contact
Received - this is an inbound (reply) response to your message

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