Aircall Text Messaging Integration Setup

How to configure your Aircall phone numbers for use with Sakari

Setting up the integration between Aircall and Sakari allows you to use share your Aircall phone number for both voice and text messaging. 

To setup your integration you will need an account with both Aircall as well as Sakari.

NOTE: Prior to setting up the Aircall integration, you need to contact the Aircall team and let them know you want to text-enable your numbers with Sakari. 

They need to configure your numbers for texting in their system.

Aircall Integration Setup

Step 1

Contact Aircall at if you haven't already (see note above).

Please contact your Aircall sales representative or the Aircall support team and tell them what phone numbers you would like to text-enable with Sakari. 

Step 2

In your Sakari account, go to Integrations > Aircall in the left navigation.


Step 3

Click the Connect button



Step 4

You will be redirected to your Aircall. Login to your Aircall account. 




Step 5

Confirm the Aircall integration setup by clicking the Authorize button



Step 6

Confirm your numbers have been set up. In Sakari, go to Account Settings > Phone numbers and confirm that your Aircall phone numbers are visible.

If you have any existing SMS conversations they will continue to use your old phone number.  Please close the active conversations

You're done.